Flow is...

The call of my untameable spirit,
The words that pour out in the middle of the night,
The connection to a greater and infinite Whole,
The surrender to life's unexplainable work,
The trust of the path ahead,
The abundance of all creation,
The existence that has always been,
The joy that seeps into every moment,
The tears that move stories,
The beauty that exists within all hearts,
The restlessness of adventure,
The wonder of seeing the world through new eyes,
The embrace of a comforting whisper,
The possibility unfolding,
The roar of expressing fully and loudly,
The dance I partake with nature,
The reach to the sky and the stars,
The mark I make with my art,
The kiss of gentle inspiration,
The muse so charming and sweet,
The sex that pushes forth the fire,
The burn of a declaration of love,
The worship of my divine Self,
The essence that longs to be witnessed,
The caress of a familiar friend,
The ask for something more,
The answer to life's purpose.

Flow is.