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I teach entrepreneurs how to be emotionally indestructible.

Are you excelling at the highest levels of stress?


The Future of Work is facing its largest crisis: STRESS. Entrepreneurs are losing themselves and their brightest to burnout and pressure.



Workplace stress has doubled
in the last decade


The average CEO works
12 hours a day


72% of all entrepreneurs
have mental illness


30% of startups fail because of the founder’s emotional state


Over 70% of entrepreneurs fail after ten years. Will you be one of them?


The best athletes have coaches to master the body.


The best entrepreneurs have coaches to master the MIND. 


Does this sound like you?

You are an entrepreneur, a leader with Big Hairy Audacious Goals in the world. You are smart, driven, and eager to become the best you can be. You have always aimed for greatness, yet you feel:


Unsure how to reach the next level


Upset that you haven’t achieved “more”


Stuck in a life you no longer love


Uninspired from your work


Burnt out from the hustle


Anxious about making money


Truth bomb: Most entrepreneurs win the battle, but lose the war.

In a highly competitive and chaotic world, the only entrepreneurs that will survive are those made indestructible. Welcome to the real game: turning emotions from pain into POWER.


Hey there,
(AKA. “double red”)

I am a fifth-generation entrepreneur, an award-winning educator, and a high-performance coach based in Toronto. With an entrepreneurial lineage from the 1800s, I have lived and breathed entrepreneurship all my life.

Maverick by heart and futurist by mind, I shared the founder journey with my brother for 14 years, disrupting multiple industries. It resulted in the creation of Paycase Financial, Canada’s first fully-compliant crypto exchange with TMX and BMO. Serving as an early investor, the company now fights for the bottom billion.

With a decade in psychology, I am a mental health authority in the tech space. I value deep connection, delivering inspiring talks around the world. My dream is to inspire one billion souls to live their true calling.


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