On this day...

The sun skips across the clouds,
Hills of road turn into fields of green,
Winter has said its goodbye,
Peace covers the day's journey,
Trust for the path ahead.

Family gather together to laugh and cry,
In bittersweet tribute to love,
Underneath happy skies and gentle winds,
The depth of our humanity emerges,
A beautiful thing to witness.

Death, oh death!
How you are the compass that guides all,
That keeps us awake and thankful,
Treasuring the everyday moments,
As we walk alongside light and darkness.

The darkness used to terrify,
The enormity of these feelings,
The echoes of my heart turn to pleas,
As they call me to rise above,
To be part of something greater.

Thank you death,
For it taught me how to live,
To notice the gifts we take for granted.
And the people we need to thank,
Death is what creates life.