The Aegis Method

Legendary leaders for the modern world

Aegis (n.): the shield worn by Athena, goddess of war and daughter of Zeus. In the Iliad, Athena wore an aegis of snakes as she led her soldiers into battle.

The aegis is the symbol of INDESTRUCTIBLE LEGACY. The bold cry of aliveness.



Slay your monsters by conquering your deepest blocks and your greatest fears.



Reclaim your genius by discovering who you truly are and what makes you tick.



Create the business and the life that you were meant to lead.


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My coaching is not for everyone.
It is for the brave, the committed.

The journey to personal power is a minimum of 6 months. Transformation begins with a lasting devotion to the self.

Every day, I see greatness. I see clients face themselves in the mirror and create what they really, truly want in life. I see them make the “impossible” happen. The Big Hairy Audacious Goal. The one that ignites their very being as they explore in the world.

No one needs a coach. But the best entrepreneurs in the world have one.

My clients have:

  • Created a new company in a different industry, pursuing their childhood dream within six months of working together

  • Expanded the territory and sales for a national company with effortless change, reducing workload and overhead across teams

  • Forged a powerful and adaptive relationship to stress, ending a decade of emotional and mental suffering as a founder

  • Broken quarterly records in company sales by leading from financial abundance and radical candor

  • Ended long-term relationships that no longer served them or their business, resulting in the launch of a second business in two months