Love and Ego

Every decision I make is either fueled by love or ego. Love is the authentic self, who knows she is whole and complete, operating in the world from a place of Power. Ego is fearful, clinging onto old stories that justify why she holds back. She sees the world as a dangerous and dishonest place, out to get her rather than work with her. Ego operates from Force, taking from others and losing what she has because her path is unsustainable, a foundation built on insecurity and lies rather than trust and love.

However, the ego is wholeheartedly necessary in the experience of humanity. Ego is our greatest teacher, for fear is the catalyst for change. Love and ego are two sides of the same coin. Being human is to love and accept both these sides.

Love is...
A deep sense of knowing,
A trust of events unfolding,
A blooming in the heart,
For others and self and all things,
A beauty eternal,
A dialogue with the heart,
A presence of peace,
A smile to myself,
A connection to something greater,
A return to being,
The self that is uniquely me.

Ego is...
The injustice that is felt within,
The figure in front of open doors,
The voice that says no,
The doubt during first flight,
The paralysis of fear,
The feeling of stuck and defeat,
The little child inside us
Searching for a hug,
The wake-up call,
The invitation to become a hero,
The chance to rewrite the story.