When I Was 14

...You told me that we would be invincible,
That we would move mountains,
And create some of our own.

When I was 14,
You said that we would change the world,
Make it better for every generation,
That we could do this,
That we were meant to do this work.

When I was 14,
You reminded me of my strength,
Of the pain already endured,
The armour that we wore,
The people we would lead.

When I was 14,
You showed me who I was,
And everyone else too,
A time to remember,
A time to believe.

When I was 14,
You taught me that life is a game,
That there is humour and boldness in playing,
In putting your all,
In celebrating the little things and the glory.

When I was 14,
You let me cry,
Loud, wrenching sobs,
A space to honour every emotion,
A place to be heard.

When I was 14,
You declared that you would be "the greatest entrepreneur of all time,"
That you could do it,
Be the light for others,
At the end of the tunnel.

When I was 14,
You showed me the meaning of family,
Of a promise across lives,
A hand on my back,
Telling me that we will be alright.

Now a lifetime has passed,
And I am left with your love,
Your voice reminding me that you're here,
Walking beside me,
Treasuring each step in time.

Time to dream, to create again.

ArtCherry Rose TanComment