The Song

Walking on first steps,
Water to land,
Innocent and curious,
It is the beginning.

Like a swan on a summer's day,
My wings are always present,
There since birth,
My divine nature.

When a bird walks on land,
Its feet on the ground,
I wonder, "Will it remember,
That it was once able to fly?"

For flight is the original grace,
Freedom to be,
To explore, to love,
To connect with each angel on Earth.

Every possibility starts with a choice,
A new thought,
The belief that miracles happen,
A dream allowed to flourish.

Nature is the gift,
That reminds each of us,
Before we landed here,
We were free, flying in the sky.

Like children before they met fear,
We once loved and dreamed,
Made the world our playground,
Our blank canvas to mark our own.

What will it take...
For us to return home?
To make us realize,
That every dream is at our fingertips.

The feeling in our chest,
That goes "thum thum thum,"
It is the song of the soul,
The message that only you can sing.

Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
The song desires to be seen,
To be shared by many hearts.

Life is a series of opportunities,
Of challenges inviting us to rise,
Of conversations threaded by magic,
To remember the song you left behind.

"Now, you're awake!" says Source,
What will you choose?
Who will you become?
Will you accept your mission?

Will you allow yourself to fly?

ArtCherry Rose TanComment