Geraldine Grandidier S.jpg
Dear Cherry Rose, I cannot thank you enough for coaching me and the effect it has had on me. Our sessions have given space for my mind to clear completely and that is because you really listen without interfering or imposing unnecessarily. You guide here and there, in a way which is relevant. You hear deeply. This is rare.

The effect of your coaching has been phenomenal. My mind has shifted in an unexpected way that I did not know was possible. I perform in my business from a place of zero stress and total clarity; decisions are effortless, coming naturally and on point. My relationships in general have become easier regardless of who I have in front of me because my confidence is boundless. Our sales have also growing steadily. Not because we particularly talked about sales, but because of the mindset I am coming from! This mindset has affected the rest of the team and all areas of my business…

What amazes me is my level of productivity and effectiveness. It feels like a paced momentum. It feels like I work less, yet I am way more productive! This is such a relief because my intuition has always served me well, but the work with you has taken me to another level. Stripped me of worry and releasing who I really am, I am left in a very powerful place. Thank you!
— London, United Kingdom

Ellen Tuenter S.png
Cherry Rose is a very powerful coach, who asks the deepest and most essential questions that really make you see situations completely differently. In conversations with her, you can feel her respect and her interest in who you are as a human being and what you have to offer to the world. She helps you explore situations and your thinking about them from an understanding of human nature.

She truly has a gift for helping you uncover the principles of how things truly work. This understanding leads to surprising and fulfilling results in solving things, especially in business. I have even found that sometimes, some of these things are not even problems after all, which has been wonderful and freeing! All I can say is to be open and vulnerable with Cherry Rose, and you will be surprised by the results and how easy things can be.
— Zutphen, Netherlands

Brent Kobayashi S.jpg
To get to deep understanding and lasting change requires an understanding and an uncovering of the context of the issue, not just the content that is presenting. In my experience, Cherry Rose listens from a place of deep curiosity and complete non-judgement and support. She creates a safe environment to explore what’s behind any challenges that she is supporting. She always asks insightful questions to help me uncover a clear direction that fully resonates with who I am.

I feel both fully supported and fully capable when being coached by Cherry Rose. I return regularly to some of the fundamental principles we’ve discussed and I can feel myself immediately slip into centre and presence. I can see my team follow my energy and as a company, we have been achieving more revenue than ever before. Her coaching has made a difference in my life.
— Toronto, Canada

Maria Mayor S.jpg
Working with Cherry Rose was a real pleasure. Her curiosity, gentleness, and wisdom guided me to a space where I could get new perspective and listen to my own wisdom. She asks great questions that make me think and challenge my assumptions. She has helped me understand more about myself, what I want from life, and what has held me back, which has been invaluable. She continues to have my back as we explore and create everything from business to lifestyle.

Cherry Rose is caring, passionate, patient, and reliable. She is an incredible coach with insight and aliveness, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for clarity or wanting to pursue new creative ideas!
— Manchester, United Kingdom

Vanessa Hurst S.jpg
I have found my coaching conversations with Cherry Rose to be very helpful and illuminating. She has a relaxed and thoughtful way of listening and responds with pertinent questions, which have enabled me to get a sense of peace and perspective with problems. In fact, in one case, I even realised what I perceived as a problem was not one.

I live in the UK and we have communicated via Zoom. Cherry Rose is efficient and reliable, especially with scheduling. If you are looking for someone to be curious with you and to experience shifts in your thinking and life, I highly recommend Cherry Rose.
— Newton Abbot, United Kingdom

Sean Brown S.jpg
The most impactful elements to coaching sessions with Cherry Rose, simply put, is space. She creates a space that allows wisdom, insight, and guidance to come forward in a way that is clear and simplistic which tends to translate into immediate action. After our very first session, I realized what was necessary to begin seeing results, did it, and things changed. The change was so sudden and instant that I take the discipline for granted at times and have to remember to honor the change in habits from a debilitating pattern that has been with me my whole life!

It is my pleasure to recommend Cherry Rose’s gift for teaching and coaching to anyone who is looking to increase their quality of life. She is mindful, curious, funny, adaptive and attuned to the nuances of how one communicates to guide them to the truth within them.
— Toronto, Canada

Declan Stout S.jpg
Cherry Rose is a wonderful, caring person and a highly intuitive coach. She has an ability to hold the perfect space for wisdom to show up. During our discussions together, we explored the principles that underlie deep listening and human connection. With powerful questions, she helped me see what could be possible while honouring my creative process.

As a coach myself, it was refreshing to see how her genuine curiosity and insightful prompting led to some major shifts in my thinking. She is definitely at the top of her field and I am very grateful to have connected with her.
— Dublin, Ireland

Tom Comber S.jpg
All of the work we are doing has transformed my life. Sometimes, I am so focused on survival that it feels like keeping a wolf at bay. With you, I become more present so that I can be present for others, especially my clients.

I am super grateful and excited to continue and grow. In fact, our intelligent and compassionate conversations push me to operate at my highest value. What I learn about achievement translates into teachable skills that I can use with my clients.

Everyone talks a little differently, but you are able to interpret my reasoning and logic. I feel understood and you ask intuitive and intelligent questions. You help me focus and reflect on what I take for granted. You teach me how to improve things that create true happiness and personal success. Thank you for touching my life in a positive way.
— Toronto, Canada