What inspired you to start this blog?

In 2015, I had an awakening. After years of running businesses, I encountered a series of events that led me to realize the misalignment in my life. A huge part of my reinvention included my now-best-friend who shared his story of awakening. As a result, I felt called to start this platform to share my stories, so that I could give back and inspire others.


Can you write about __________?

Definitely open to ideas! Please send me a request here and I will try my best.


I like your post! Can I feature it on my website?

You sure can! I have collaborated with several online publications before. Let me know what you think by filling out this form, and we can discuss more. Thank you!


Why spirituality and science?

I champion Truth. Ideas need to be vetted before implemented to be useful. As author Napoleon Hill famously says, "Knowledge is only potential power."

When I worked in academia, I saw the value of experiments where you could assess and modify the effectiveness of your behaviours. However, entrepreneurship taught me that you could be effective in doing the wrong things, especially when you ignore your intuition. When you listen to your body, you strengthen your intuition, one of the oldest forms of intelligence. Spirituality and Science make a powerful avenue for real, long-term transformation!


I love your Instagram! Where do you get your quotes?

My quotes are excerpts from my personal journals. I get inspired by the books I read and the art I see.