The Crescendo

Love skips the sky,
Stars wide and open,
Hearts align,
Two planets as one.

Hear the whisper of your soul,
Feel the sadness inside,
The wave that rises,
Falls with the beat of your heart.

You have always known,
Endless love,
Magic weaved through moments in time,

What is love but the connection we shared?
What is courage but the roar of our souls?
What is magic but the time we spent?
What is joy but the dreams we made?

I love you,
From now until the end of time.
Thank you for the gift of your presence,
A kindred spirit to mirror my own.

I feel the wave coming towards me,
Waves as high as I can see,
The crescendo of the universe,
Invitation to surrender.

The answer is, "Yes, now and forever."

Accept your legacy,
Of light across generations,
Of truth across conversations,
Of love across communities.

Here you are,
Here I am,
Separate only in the material,
Connected by the divine.

I feel you each day,
The voice of love strengthening my own,
Courage through my veins,
Empires across time.

We will build everything we have promised,
Twelve and fourteen,
A step at a time,
Trust in hand.

I will dance for me,
I will stand for you,
I will create for us,
Legacy of love.

I love you.
I love you too.
Here comes the crescendo.

ArtCherry Rose TanComment