The Flight

An hour early,
Excitement bubbling,
Restlessness present,
Soreness in my body.

Book in hand,
Orange and green,
New learnings.

It is the unknown,
The vast emptiness,
Of great possibility,
Of new heights.

"I'm nervous," the little girl says,
"It's a new land,
With different faces,
And foreign languages,
How will I belong?
Will they take me as I am?
Will I continue to be me,
Or will I lose my way?"

Here I stand,
Reclaimed rebel for the 21st century,
Hear me roar,
Hear me cry,
Wash it all away,
The pain, the doubt, the heartbreak.

Tugging at heartstrings,
The soft ache of a slow burn,
A candle burning,
Steady flame,
Fire of the human spirit,
The conviction of a single moment,
Made eternal by the choice,
To unite the darkness and the light.

The silent depths,
Questions whisper,
Who are you?
What are you here to do?
How do you want to be remembered?

Potions of illusions,
Of promises broken,
The veil of the midnight fog,
Tap tap tap,
It is the suffocating of the soul,
The greatest judge of all,

What does it feel like to face the mirror?
To see yourself as you are,
In glory and in darkness,
Imperfectly human,
Perfectly you,
A reflection of truth.

The truth sets you free,
But you know what no one tells you?
That before the freedom,
The truth breaks you,
Brings you to your knees,
A hand in the heart,
Soul made open,
Everything you know fading,
Space for a new dawn.

All greatness starts with death,
Of the parting of old,
Of the chains that have become our masters,
A slave shedding their skin,
To begin anew,

How will you choose to be born again?
Will you accept your birthright?
A legacy of light,
Realized moment by moment,
Strengthened by patience,
Forged by trust,
Held in the loving cocoon of the heart.

So what say you?
Will you fly to be one with the sun?
Steadfast in its brilliance,
The source of all life,
Nourishing all those around it.

Fly, fly, little bird,
Let us try,
An inexplicable journey through time.

Remember who you are.

ArtCherry Rose TanComment