The Nature of Love

(as explained by Ocean)

Love is the moment in every breath,
The wind on my skin,
Always present,
A gentle caress on a summer day,
The fullness of my heart,
Like the oxygen is to lungs,
Love fuels life,
Invisible but always felt.

Love is the ground on which I stand,
Humbling yet firm,
A place to do and a place to be,
My haven when I land,
My home eternal,
A familiar embrace,
The sensation between my toes,
Love is the birthplace of creation,
A return to divine perfection.

Love is the warmth on a cold night,
The burn from a single spark,
The longing of two souls,
Together as one.
It is the pressing of two bodies,
The witnessing of the other,
The exquisite taste,
Of a single star in the Universe.
It engulfs and it builds,
The sweat dripping down my skin,
The hands that intertwine,
A union at the altar of sex.

Love is Ocean,
Playful as her waves lap the shore,
Fierce as she storms,
Magnificent as she rises,
She demands to be felt.
Every ocean starts with a drop,
And then another,
Until each drop and each moment,
Becomes an inexplicable bond in time.
Ocean needs no words,
She is seen and she is felt,
And she just is,
In the world we call home.
We are each a drop,
In this beautiful and endless ocean,
Returning to one another,
Amongst the oneness we call Love.