The Gift of Time

Time has taught me about the importance of presence, of focusing your attention on what is happening in the now. Even though there have been major changes in my life, many things have stayed the same this past year. The everyday feels vastly different because I can see. Even around people or places that I have known my entire life, I realize there is so much more to discover. Before, I would enter conversations with the intention of communicating myself and being understood. Now, I become eager to listen and observe, to see what others are feeling and how I can hold space for their fullest expression. It amazes me how much people can communicate with the energy they bring into a room. Are they loving? Impatient? Excitable? Curious? Wise? What are they passionate about? What makes them tick? It is these questions that excite me each day, to understand more about the people and places around me.

All of a sudden, the normal and mundane is magical, and for that, every moment feels like a beautiful four. I am thankful for an incredible three months of 2017, which has allowed me to slow down and appreciate what I already have. So thankful for these lessons!

Time feels...
Still in the power of presence,
Beautiful among old and new family,
Wondrous in the midst of discovery,
Precious in a world of hurry,
Electric in the moments sent my way,
Loving as it calls me forward,
Wise in its solidarity and knowing,
Being as past, present, and future are one.