I am the Sun...

Radiant and free,
Dancing in the Universe
Amongst the stars and planets,
As I spread love to all that I see.

I am the Sun...
Beautiful in my stillness,
Ever knowing, ever present,
Observing the vast darkness,
Bringing the light to everything I touch.

I am the Sun...
Even in the darkest and loneliest of moments,
I am whole and complete,
A beacon of light in the Universe,
Spreading love over the ocean of dreams.

I am the Sun...
Kissing the threads that hold us together,
In awe of life's perfect design,
As I thank every moment and soul,
Who have shared the light of their Sun.

I am the Sun...
And I am human,
Perfect in my imperfection,
Ready to be witnessed and embraced,
One Sun amongst many in this infinite Universe.