The Kingdom

The heart wants what it wants. It wants to scream and shout, to be free in the wilderness we call Earth. It takes its time, checking with itself to see what is real. Oh, how appreciative I am of my own heart, to be able to feel and to connect to Source in the most beautiful and divine of ways.

Who knew that one could feel so much? That we can cry from a single song, a single conversation, a single touch by candlelight? My heart calls for a celebration of lights, of souls gathering at the centre to see one another and embrace. The divine in me sees the divine in you. We are the Sun, the Forest, and the Ocean on the beautiful place we co-create called Spaceship Earth.

What does it mean to LOVE? What does it mean to truly feel, to bond and to be one with another? Love is pure. Love is truth. Love is the only thing that exists when we let go of the past and truly live in the present. Love is the warm blanket that embraces you when you're scared, when your child is screaming in so much pain that you just want it to stop. Love is the touchstone that drives everything I do, my true North in a time of such beauty and chaos. Love is embracing the darkness, of seeing WHAT IS and kissing and thanking it for being there. For all the lessons new and old that allow us to breathe in fresh beginnings and to realize the chains that bind us, so we may pick up the mantle of our divine warrior and be free of our self-imposed prisons. Love is the power that heals all.

Love scares me sometimes. The best love often does. How funny to think that everything I was taught is distortion and that death has been the greatest teacher. Love is black AND white, solid and pure and infinite; the beginning AND the end, an expanse into our human universe. The best love often continues to give and receive all of itself, to spread its arms and to say, "This is all of me, naked as the day I was born. Do you see me? But more importantly, will you accept me for who I am?" My body of graceful imperfections, of scars and blemishes received and self-inflicted, all part of the most human journey of all: to feel, to live, to make our unique mark on this world.

In some ways, the best love is unconditional, which also makes it the scariest. As imperfect, needy, fragile beings, have we realized that there is nothing to be done to be loved by Self, to be loved by the divine within each of us? Love is NOT a doing; Love is a Being. Love is being who you are, exactly as you are; to look deeply into the eyes of another and to know that you are loved and that you are love. The greatest ask is to know and to accept that we are ENOUGH. We become loved when we choose to love ourselves first.

Is this not the greatest invitation that life could give? To place the entirety of this choice in your hands, to give you the keys to your own kingdom and to ask you to stand in front of your golden gates and to choose: Will you open the gates of your own Heart, to reclaim your Greatness and your Magic and your almighty roar, or will you wait outside your own kingdom, a peasant who has forgotten her royal beginnings, the power that runs in her veins every single day?

The world needs Kings and Queens, of humans reclaiming their kingdoms in preparation for the most magnificent wave of change that is to come. I sit on the throne of my kingdom, my one and only, in solidarity with Humanity.

Will you do the same?