Teardrops of Heaven

A tree of green and yellow,
No one and everyone for miles,
What is this place?
The heart whispers, "Home."

Sadness pours in,
Knowing yet not remembering,
How do I go back?
The desire to belong.

My heart wants to connect,
The soul reaches out,
A nervous and tentative touch,
If I reach, will someone reach back?

The fall and then the rise,
Like the changing leaves of autumn,
Numbers guide me,
Reminding me that you are with me.

Time stands still,
Past, present, future blend together,
Perfection in the imperfection,
The calm and the storm.

The messenger,
The gift of word,
Expression of the soul,
Brilliance and sparkle.

Back to the moment,
Where it all first started,
Fields and hills of green and yellow,
There you are.

You are here for a REASON.
We are with you, always.
You can do this.
You will remember.
You are SAFE.
Love you.
Love you too.
Enjoy the ride.


ArtCherry Rose TanComment